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  1. EvilD

    hiya ladies

    hiya ladies
  2. EvilD

    yo ladies

    yo ladies
  3. EvilD

    Expo Eurogamer Expo 2017

    Hi all im thinking of going to Eurogamer Expo this year at the Birmingham NEC on Friday 22nd September ( i'll put link to it at end of post ) Who also would be interested in meeting up on the day and chilling out looking around at latest games AAA and indie. Prices for tickets will be about £15...
  4. EvilD

    Anyone got an Xbox

    no mate still first ones that came out would like a pro eventualy
  5. EvilD

    Anyone got an Xbox

    nope got ps4
  6. EvilD

    MMO and RPG General MMO survey

  7. EvilD

    New member to my household

    Picked up Daisy our rescue shelter puppy on friday shes a Masstiff cross Rotweiller only 5 months old and found out she loves beer and watching me play games on pc and PS4.
  8. EvilD

    Pc setups, pictures and specs!

    Nothing special here tbh i5 16 gig ram gtx 1060 but have got some bits and bobs around room , this is my cupboard under the stairs lol my little get away
  9. EvilD

    Amazon Firestick and Kodi - Watch anything you want

    I have one and can say its defo worth the money 10/10 product
  10. EvilD

    GEEK First Hardware Giveaway

    nice prize 0/
  11. EvilD

    main pc ill cant get new mobo as just got to pa £100 speeding fine opps go me

    main pc ill cant get new mobo as just got to pa £100 speeding fine opps go me
  12. EvilD


  13. EvilD

    Discord Discord - Anyone tried it

    used it loads its not to bad tbh
  14. EvilD

    hi gang hows it going

    hi gang hows it going
  15. EvilD

    oi oi ladies

    oi oi ladies
  16. EvilD

    MMO and RPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

    aye played for a bit bud just cancled my sub for a while too
  17. EvilD

    MMO and RPG Neverwinter PS4

    Been dabbling in Neverwinter MMO out now on PS4 and must say its quite a nice port over runs nice looks good recommend a look if you have a PS4 as its free and you dont need a PS+ subscription either
  18. EvilD

    Shooter Paragon

    Free open wekend comng up soon so if you want to try it out Paragon - https://www.epicgames.com/paragon/blog/paragon-free-beta-weekend-may-26-30
  19. EvilD

    Charity Hair cut

    Hi guys n gals hope its ok to post here my wife and son are raising cash for charity with a haircut and donation links here feel free to spread it about. Justgiving -...
  20. EvilD

    MMO and RPG Star Trek Online

    STO is going to appear on PS4 and XB1 should be fun Star Trek Online Coming to Xbox One and PS4 | Star Trek Online - http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/9956413 Whats your thoughts
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