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Shooter A more hardcore experience


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Escape from Tarkov

You may be asking.. what is it?

Well it is a first person shooter with survival elements including food and drink with loot and a persistent stash.

A game where things such as drinking and eating and proper healing of a broken leg or bandaging a bleeding wound can mean the difference of leaving with your loot or passing out or being chased down due to an untreated leg wound.

A game where the armor you wear and the bullets you fire will dictate the fights you are likely to win.

A game where every item has a real world equivelant and functions and looks as realistic as possible.

A game with customization like no other where you have a choice of optics and attachments (based on real life equipment) to truly make your gun yours.

Communication is key, there are many different pieces of gear from tactical rigs with different uses and storage capacities to helmets that allow attaching of flashlights and night vision to bullet resistant visors. This gear will set you apart from others and provide utility so choose your kit wisely. Alongside call outs of landmarks and locations will mean the difference between a team-kill or a perfect outplay on an an enemy squad.

As a community we will need to learn the maps and call outs and exercise trigger discipline.
Be able to identify friend from foe.
Select squad leaders, experianced or level headed soldiers who will keep others on mission and together.
Work together to educate ourselves and anyone who joins us on how we operate as a community and how to improve at the game.

Think of Tarkov as The Division 2 Dark Zone, you enter via the gate and its you or your squad vs. everyone in the area. There are NPC patrolling alone or in groups and loot to be found scattered around you don't know who will help you or kill you and if you die you lose your loot

Where Tarkov differs here!
It is played in first person!
There are no name tags or easy ways to identify your friends aside from any hats or armbands you put on before the raid (this is not foolproof).
You need to manage your equipment manually from first aid and morphine to reloading the empty magazines for your gun with bullets and being aware of gun jams from low quality or broken gear.
When you die you lose everything including the gear you went into the raid with and you cannot respawn!!

This is a thread designed to gauge interest,
over the coming days i will be expanding by adding guides and other content to hopefully encourage a conversation.
Alongside creating a recruitment post hopefully with banners and formatting so we can pull in members independently.

If Escape from Tarkov sounds like a game you would like to get involved in you can purchase a copy of the game here.

I will happily answer any questions regarding which version of the game is best for you from discord!

Good luck
Get ready to escape!
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