Facebook and the clown brigade


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13 September 2012
How many times are we going to see people copy and pasting this message on Facebook or crying that Facebook is selling their data:

It's official Signed at 15:00. It's even passed on TV. Facebook will start charging this summer. If you copy this to your wall your icon will turn blue and your Facebook will be free for you. Please pass this message, if not your icon will be deleted.

P.S. this is serious, the icon will turn blue
(Copy and Paste to your wall)
Facebook have denied they are going to charge people (years ago). You can adjust your privacy settings via your Facebook control panel - Use it!

Facebook is a business and exists to make money. If it didn't make money it wouldn't be here giving users a FREE service to advertise anything they want and share rubbish - They aren't making money by selling photo's of your glass of wine or your children covered in cake.

Perhaps people should also read the rules and terms & conditions before signing up to a service.

Some more information - Will Facebook begin charging fees in summer 2016? | Facebook Hel... - https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=10209096379712614
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