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One song that perfectly describes your country and the state it's in ?



The song is in English and to make it understandable a bit better, here's a short explanation;

Well, there is one that represents my country (Croatia) and it's spot on!
AS much as I hate to addmit it, we're still a kind of 3rd world country and you just can't beat out current mental state out of people here ^^

We used to be rather large back when there was Yugoslavia but ever since the great war in 1991, everything fell to shit and all of the countries separated. Division made each country really weak, this was what USA ( we obviusly needed some freedom :D ) and EU were after since we were really strong in economic and military sense.

People here really regret the war and would give anything if there wasn't any in the past since in the economics terms we would be HUGE.

Anyways, the song is mostly about the drink called "Rakija" and how it connects people (lol). Rakija is mostly homemade drink, you can buy it in store, but it's severly weakend compared to home product. It's legal to make it yourself of course.
Absynth, vodka, Whiskey etc. are a kind od girly drinks here compared to Rakija ^^

The song is about entire Balkan which includes: Croatia, Serbia, bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia. (These were all one country not so long ago, until 1991)

Enjoy the song, it's a kind of ska, punk <3

Link to the song:
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