SWTOR <Death Watch> Guild Query

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8 January 2018
Hello c:

Firstly sorry in advance, I'm new to this site so first time posting. Sorry if formatting or whatever is wrong.

On the SWTOR (Star Wars - The Old Republic) Forums back in 2015, a user by the name of Elestrae made a post to recruit members for the recreation of an in-game guild called Death Watch. Within the post, Elestrae linked this site as the go-to place for further inquiries. Understandably, the guild may very well have died since it HAS been over two years since the post. But I was just wondering, if any of you were part of that Guild or know anybody that I can contact (whether through here, or through Email or through some app like Discord), I would really appreciate it! ^.^

Anyways, thank you for taking time to read. With any luck, at least one of you might have an answer! Thanks again c:

(If it helps, Elestrae also mentioned officers by the name of Desandriana, Arlee, Brunli or Botnen. If anybody knows any way I can talk to them, that would also be amazing!)