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Tapplock smart lock can be hacked 'in seconds'


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A fingerprint reading smart lock called Tapplock can apparently be opened in seconds via Bluetooth, and opened a little slower by taking the device apart.

From pentestpartners.com:

A couple of weekends ago, a YouTuber called JerryRigEverything posted a teardown of a “smart” padlock, called the Tapplock.

He discovered that, using a sticky GoPro mount, he could remove the back of the lock, dismantle it with a screwdriver, and then open the shackle.

This looked like a massive security oversight – I couldn’t quite believe it. Surely they had considered this attack? Surely they had third-party tested the lock? It set off my IoT spidey-sense enough to look up the website, FCC docs and manual.

Source and further reading - Totally Pwning the Tapplock Smart Lock | Pen Test Partners - https://www.pentestpartners.com/security-blog/totally-pwning-the-tapplock-smart-lock/