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Shooter The Division 2’s first raid - Dark Hours


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Some information on Dark Hours, The Division 2's first raid:

From vg247.com:

More details about The Division 2’s first raid, Dark Hours, have emerged.

Kevindavid40, the same Reddit user responsible for datamining early Dark Hours raid mechanics and details has returned to offer The Division 2 players another round of findings.

The first major leak is a mechanic called PowerPlay, which awards players with powerful boosts. To unlock a PowerPlay, players must complete secret objectives like finding hidden rooms and killing specific NPCs. These elite enemies don’t always spawn, and when they do, players only have a limited window to take them out before they vanish.

The powerups they drop can only be used in the raid, and they have other limitations as well. Dark Drinker restocks Signature Weapon ammo, Dark Devourer allows for infinite usage of skills for a limited time. More interestingly, certain PowerPlays spawn the help of Hunters – the ultra-challenging enemies hidden in The Division 2.

As previously revealed, the raid’s first encounter takes place on the Arlington Memorial Bridge, and all eight players must cross it to start the raid. This particular encounter, according to the leak, disables all use of skills, so you’ll have to rely on weapons and equipment.

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