Will we need a driving licence in the near future?

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Staff member
13 September 2012
With AI and more automation coming to vehicles, do you think we will need a driving licence in the future?


7 September 2012
Full road automation is a long way off IMO. I feel it is one of things that doesn't work efficiently unless every car/truck on the road is also automated, so they can network (and that throws up another major issue in a lot of countries, including ours). Also, all this focus on reading cars/pedestrians, can they see potholes :p

Also with modern car security being so, well, crap, industry regulations will need to tighten up before every car can be hacked watch dogs style by a 10 year old with an app.

I am glad my car still uses a key and rock solid immobiliser and the ECU just controls the damned engine.

The UK driving license will always adjust and adapt as required. eg when I learnt to drive cadence braking wasn't a thing due to ABS (my first car did not have this). The modern driving test already allows use of the aids in the car, including reversing cameras and no doubt before long auto park. Sat Nav is now a mandatory test component, however sign based navigation as a result will probably drop off. Hell the manual test will probably cease to be a thing in years to come now that modern automagics are actually good.